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Release Week is Here

Updated: May 31, 2022

Writing Charlie Murphy: The Iconoclastic Showman behind the Chicago Cubs was a fascinating and challenging experience. The entire process took me a minute, and it's surreal that release week is finally here. I am particularly grateful to all of the archivists around the country who generously helped me even though the COVID-19 pandemic made their jobs difficult.

I hope that you all enjoy reading Charlie Murphy's story - he was a very entertaining guy, after all - but I also aspire to have his life appreciated for the challenges he had to overcome in his youth. Considering the current cost of sports franchises, there will never be another Charlie Murphy. He started working as a clerk in a drug store before becoming a journalist. He built a good relationship with Charles and Annie Taft while covering news in Cincinnati, and, eventually, bought the Chicago Cubs in 1905.

I plan on using this blog to keep you all updated on all things Charlie Murphy as well as future projects. I'm also excited to share some Murphy stories here that didn't make it into the book, including a great tale about his desire to pick a fight with Western Union. Nobody loved baseball more than Murphy, and I aim to highlight that as well. Charlie pestered Giants manager John McGraw about in game strategy in 1905 and talked roster construction with Cubs skipper Frank Chance nonstop during their seven full seasons together.

Thank you to everyone for supporting this book. It's a special week for me, and I only wish that Charlie could be here to enjoy it.


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